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Pupil Path

Pupil Path is an online portal that enables students to track their progress all subjects. Details regarding student progress include grades, assignments, completion requirements, and relevant tests.
Registration Steps
1. To begin, visit the official website at www.pupilpath.com.
2. On this website, tap the "Student Registration” button.
3. Submit the required details such as email address, first and last name on the registration page.
4. Then, you will be asked to submit your details. These details include the school name, identification number, date of birth, along with the student registration code.
5. After submitting all the required details, verify it once.
6. Now submit your password when creating an account. This password will be your login information.
7. Now, tap the “Register” button and then you're done!
If you have any questions please see Ms. Jenn or email her at JRondon5@schools.nyc.gov