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Instructional Focus

Recognizing that preparation for post-secondary education and the workplace is ever-changing, Rockaway Collegiate, in concert with the Department of Education's System Priorities, Standards of Service, and Accountability Policy, promotes through its relevant, innovative curriculum the following essentials:
The community, through partnerships, will serve as a classroom to the future.
A safe, supportive environment which permits academic risk-taking will enable students to demonstrate mastery of skills in a real-life setting.

Exploration of career opportunities will offer openings to post-secondary education and the workplace.
The act of learning will lead to appropriate decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Through collaborative and inclusive means of learning, students will practice mutual respect and teamwork.

Technology will enable students to become information managers and to demonstrate the ability to analyze and synthesize appropriate data.

Success depends upon careful planning and the cultivation of high-level reasoning and communication skills.